E6 Series Shinkansen poster wall art print

E6 Series Shinkansen

The E6 series Shinkansen high-speed train operates on Komachi “mini-shinkansen” services on the Tohoku and Akita Shinkansen from Tokyo to Akita. Technology incorporated in the E6 seeries is derived from the experimental Fastech 360Z train previously tested by JR East.

The external styling was overseen by Japanese industrial designer Ken Okuyama, and is intended to evoke images of the Namahage demons and kanto festival lanterns for which Akita Prefecture is famous. The E6 series trains are formed of seven cars, to provide the same seating capacity as six-car E3 series trains, due to the reduced seating capacity in the end cars. All cars feature active suspension with tilting up to 1.5 degrees.

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E6 Series Shinkansen Komachi high speed bullet train poster

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