Shinkansen E3 Series poster

E3 Series Shinkansen

The E3 series Shinkansen was built for Komachi services on the new Akita Shinkansen “mini-shinkansen” line, a regular 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) narrow-gauge line re-gauged to 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) standard gauge. Later versions of the E3 series were also introduced for use on Yamagata Shinkansen Tsubasa services, both “mini-shinkansen” lines join the Tohoku Shinkansen, providing services to and from Tokyo.

Like the 400 Series Shinkansen, the trains are built to a smaller loading gauge than mainline Shinkansen trains, the width and length of each car is reduced to fit on the narrower clearances of the “mini-shinkansen”. Doorway steps fold out to bridge the gap between the narrow body and the platform at regular shinkansen stations.

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Shinkansen E3 Series poster

E3 Series Shinkansen train mug