Yamanote Line E231 series


Tokyo Yamanote Line E231 series EMU passenger train poster print.

As of October 2016, the line’s services are operated exclusively by a fleet of 50 11-car E231-500 series EMUs, which were phased in from April 21, 2002. These trains originally each included two “six-door cars” with six pairs of doors per side and bench seats that were folded up to provide standing room only during the morning peak until 10 a.m. From February 22, 2010, the seats were no longer folded up during the morning peak, and all trains were standardized with newly built four-door cars by 31 August 2011. This was due to reduced congestion on the line as well as preparation for the installation of platform doors on all stations by 2017.

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Tokyo Yamanote Line train poster print