XB-70 Valkyrie


Retro minimal style poster of XB70 Valkyrie supersonic jet bomber aircraft.

The XB-70 Valkyrie was the prototype version of the planned B-70 nuclear-armed strategic bomber for the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command. Designed in the late 1950s, the six-engined Valkyrie was capable of cruising for thousands of miles at Mach 3+ while flying at 70,000 feet (21,000 m).

At these speeds, it was expected that the B-70 would be almost immune to interceptor aircraft, the only effective weapon against bomber aircraft at the time. The bomber would spend only a few minutes over a particular radar station, flying out of its range before the controllers could position their fighters in a suitable location for an interception. High speed also made the aircraft difficult to see on radar displays and its high-altitude flight could not be matched by any contemporary Soviet fighter.

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XB70 Valkyrie jet aircraft poster

XB70 Valkyrie jet aircraft poster wall art